About The Kale Show

On The Kale Show, Kale Abrahamson tracks, shares, and explains trends in Cryptocurrency. His daily uploads to YouTube range from informational to inspirational as he provides clearcut advice in real-time with the market changes of Crypto. 

The Kale Show is the result of a wunderkind-like career. Abrahamson went from playing Division 1 basketball at world-class universities to business consulting. Kale started multiple multimillion-dollar FBA businesses, and created the seven-figure e-commerce enterprise Nine University. As the CEO of Nine University, Abrahamson and his longtime business partner, Taylor Hiott, coach new entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential. Their business currently serves more than 5,000 customers worldwide. 

Abrahamson’s partnership with Hiott started as an investment opportunity gone wrong. Soon after Hiott invested in Abrahamson’s company, they lost the money and had some of their products pulled from Amazon’s marketplace. Rather than give up, they weathered even more storms together. They sold product after product and tried out new ideas right before their business began to thrive. Now they have built multimillion-dollar businesses that helped them earn success—as well as a lifetime of expertise they share through Nine University. 

Similar to Nine University, Abrahamson’s goal with The Kale Show is to help people reach their full potential, this time with Cryptocurrencies. A lifelong entrepreneur, Abrahamson not only possesses the knowledge of traditional business (from mowing lawns to selling hoverboards), but he also recognizes the trends in new markets (ETH, Bitcoin, Altcoin, etc.). His videos utilize the full breadth of his knowledge to put money in the viewer’s pockets. 

Whoever has questions like why Bitcoin crashed or when to buy Cryptocurrencies—or even which Altcoins to invest in and why—should tune in to The Kale Show for answers. Kale Abrahamson covers it all and more.