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When Will Crypto Go Up Again? (Learn Here With Kale Abrahamson!)

With December drawing to a close, many investors are trying to gain the most returns from their investments into cryptocurrency. However, as investors listen to updates on news reports, it is important for them to know which news stories are portraying real or fake news. That way they can know how the climate of the market is actually doing in 2021. Here we have insights on these news stories and on crypto investing with Kale Abrahamson.

So, What Is Happening With Cryptocurrencies?

Kale Abrahamson says that the prices of all cryptocurrencies are rising. Nevertheless, many people are afraid of the current state of the cryptocurrency market. One of the reasons of FUD, an acronym for fear, uncertainty, and doubt, is a tweet by Elon Musk. According to Abrahamson, the tweet describes Bitcoin as harmful for the environment. Afterwards, the news announced the outbreak of the COVID-19 variant in Africa. Abrahamson says, “This is literally just designed by either rich people or by the governments to get their agenda across.”

Afterward, he describes that the value of Bitcoin is around $44,000. The reason being that the price of Bitcoin crashed during the weekend of December 7. He also goes on to mention that his portfolio consists mainly of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum with D-Race as second. Also, he has is investing in Altura, Phantom, PolkaBridge, Kucoin, UFO Gaming, Vulcan Forged PYR, Mover, and many more altcoins.

Additionally, he says that Ethereum is outperforming Bitcoin this month. The performance of both currencies is on the Ethereum to Bitcoin chart, where investors can view current buy signals. These signals allow investors to make informed decisions on when to purchase crypto. Abrahamson shifts to the topic of inflation by saying that it is at around six percent, causing investors to worry about the future of the crypto market. He says that during inflation, people are upset with the rise in prices, and the one percent of the population keeps accruing wealth. He theorizes the following: “If the one percent benefit too much from this, then the ninety-nine will revolt and kill them. This has happened in history a million times.”

What the Government Doesn’t Want Us to Know

Additionally, he says that the government does not want people to learn about inflation to keep robbing them without their knowledge. Next, he says that the federal reserve will prevent a crypto market crash because, if that happens during their time in their positions of power, they may not be re-elected. Afterward, he says that Willy Woo, a notable writer of cryptocurrency, predicts that Bitcoin will keep growing steadily over time. 


Regarding the spread of the COVID-19 variant, more reports of possible dangers associated with the virus are being made. Additionally, travel advisories and other warnings about this virus still lead to many investors being nervous about the value of their coins if the market crashes. So far, the crypto market is still stable, and Ethereum is doing well. The value of Ethereum is currently at roughly $8,300, with a market cap of about $457 billion. 

Moreover, many other altcoins are performing relatively well, indicating the lucrative value of investing in them. These altcoins can be purchased on KuCoin, eToro, Coinbase, CoinMama, and other reliable platforms where millions of investors manage their crypto transactions. Lastly, notable social media influencers on Twitter, including a user named Pentoshi1, are continuing to promote these altcoins and provide the latest information on cryptocurrency.

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