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Full-On Transparency: Kale Abrahamson’s Altcoin Portfolio

Due to the many types of cryptocurrency on the market, choosing which ones to invest in can be daunting. This is because investors want to gain the most returns from their investment portfolios in this dynamic market. Kale Abrahamson shares his personal portfolio to give insight on what currencies are successful in the market right now.

To start off, Abrahamson addresses rumors spread about him on social media regarding his cryptocurrency practices. He notes in his YouTube video that he will not talk about any cryptocurrency unless it is one that he is bullish on. Moreover, to combat more rumors claiming that he does not research well enough on crypto to support what he says, he asserts the legitimacy of the evidence he provides when talking about cryptocurrency: Abrahamson only gets facts about crypto and its performance from the most reliable, in-the-know sources.

Kale Abrahamson’s Top Altcoins


The first one on the list for the best altcoins according to Kale Abrahamson is Ethereum. Ethereum is his, as he calls it, “biggest holding” in his portfolio, and mentions that its market cap is large. Ethereum is performing less than usual, but the Ethereum to Bitcoin chart indicates its massive success in the market. This is because there is a buy signal on the chart. Moreover, such signal is an indicator from crypto experts that investors should invest in Ethereum at a certain time. 


Altura is also part of his portfolio valuing seven figures worth of money for Abrahamson, and he predicts that its market cap will be worth one billion dollars. More of the rumors about Abrahamson is that he is without pump dumping, which is an illegal way to increase the price of a currency. This happens when an investor purchases a digital asset at a low price, thereby causing the price of the asset to rise. The investor then sells it right away while the price of that asset is high so as to try to make more gains. He refutes these claims by denying he does this.


Polkadot is another investment on Abrahamson’s portfolio, and he describes it as a very lucrative altcoin. The market cap for Polkadot is worth fifty-two billion dollars. He goes on to explain that investors attend pair auctions or events where Polkadot investors buy the altcoin. After purchasing the digital asset, these investors, as Abrahamson says, “lock it” or keep it securely stored online until investors want to access it in the future. 


Abrahamson also invests in PolkaBridge, which might be available for purchase on KuCoin soon. He also mentions that PolkaBridge is, as he says, “another Polkadot coin,” and it has a seventy million dollar market cap. He also invests in Luna, because its currency is volatile with the possibility of its price rising significantly. His portfolio also consists of ARPA, VET, MATIC, DeRace, Phantom, Polka City, and much more.


As rumors continue to circulate accusing Abrahamson of pump dumping in his portfolio, he continues to assert that he practices legal and legitimate cryptocurrency strategies. Moreover, many fans continue to support him despite the accusations. One fan commented on one of his YouTube videos, “Hey Kale, thank you for all of the hard work and research that you do. In my opinion, you are doing a great job, and please remember that the other 99.99% of your community appreciate you and your channel.” Additionally, Bitcoin is still struggling to rise above $50,000. Meanwhile, ETH, Altura, Polka dot, and many other altcoins are performing well in the crypto market. 

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