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Kale Abrahamson’s Crypto Hacks: 5 Coins You Should Buy Now!

Kale Abrahamson’s crypto investing hacks are brought to you with his insights on the market in December. For starters, he cautions his followers to sell altcoins to Ethereum this month and says when Bitcoin rises to $61,000 in the market, the value for altcoins will largely increase. He says that investors typically sell their coins to Ethereum, thinking that they will receive a higher profit in returns. However, they will in turn, receive a smaller amount of returns compared to the returns if they would have bought altcoins when Bitcoin values increase. Moreover, Abrahamson adds that, depending on the performance of the stock market, these investors may not buy altcoins because of remaining hedge funds.

He also updates his fans on the latest regarding the Fear and Greed index and the performance of cryptocurrencies. The index is roughly 34, and there are claims by Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell about federal tapering or decreased purchasing of bonds, which leads to a decrease in Bitcoin value. However, the performance for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins are performing relatively well.

Additionally, Abrahamson weighs in on the performance of the stock market and states that if this particular market crashes, the entire cryptocurrency market will fall in suit. However, for those worried about investing in the crypto market based on the performance of the stock market, Kale Abrahamson believes that this is very unlikely to happen. The reason is that with President Joe Biden receiving a low approval rating this year, according to Abrahamson, he will do anything necessary to prevent the market from crashing.

Five Coins to Buy in December


Many social media influencers recommend buying this cryptocurrency. With the millions of followers of these influencers, it is no wonder these followers do invest in crypto through RMRK. Also, part of the coin’s success is from the marketing teams of these influencers who strategically promote this coin. 

Polkadot and Polkastarter

Abrahamson says he is hopeful in the success of Polkadot, another altcoin currency, and it is likely for it to continue thriving in the crypto market. Polkastarter, a platform for cryptocurrency auctions and transactions, is doing increasingly well. Investors can also purchase this currency on KuCoin, another platform for cryptocurrency transactions.

Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is a gaming studio and a platform for trading gaming tokens. Also, vulcan Forged is highly advertised on social media accounts. Because of these followers of these platforms, Vulcan Forged prices increase successfully for investors to purchase. Investors can learn more about the altcoin on its website.


OCEAN is highly successful throughout any fluctuations of the crypto market. Like other altcoins, many popular social media influencers recommend this product. KuCoin is a platform where investors can safely purchase this currency. You can also find other platforms to invest in this currency, including and Binanace.


Altura is a volatile currency and vastly successful in the market and other altcoins, and it is widely popular among notable social media influencers. It is also available for sale on KuCoin, and it is a currency that many investors do not consider buying. Even though Bitcoin’s price value fluctuated throughout November and December, Altura maintained a steady success.  


A meeting is scheduled on December 14 and 15 with Powell and other federal government representatives. During this meeting, increasing or decreasing federal reserve asset spending should be discussed. Moreover, the Fear and Greed index is progressively decreasing to result in a high value of fear and greed, with the number at 21.

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