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Kale Abrahamson Explains Everything About Parabolic Crypto Coins

As investors monitor different cryptocurrency charts, many of them are trying to figure out which coins will go parabolic or coins that steadily increase in value. With many cryptocurrencies available for them to choose to invest in, it is important for them to know exactly which coin will provide the most returns. Here, Kale Abrahamson explains the crypto coin market by analyzing different cryptocurrency charts for their performance in the market.

What Are Parabolic Crypto Coins?

To start, Abrahamson says that the Ethereum to Bitcoin chart is doing well, and it has a buyer signal, which is an indicator to investors telling them when is the right time to invest in a coin to receive the highest returns. He says a famous Twitter user, who goes by the name @Pentosh1, noted that this chart could become even more lucrative over time. That being said, Abrahamson also recommends his followers check out Raoul Pal’s insights on crypto. Pal is an economist who owns and co-founded Real Vision, a TV channel on the topics of finance and business.

Additionally, Abrahamson explains that the price of Bitcoin needs to rise to $52,000 for the price value to become parabolic. However, it is a cause for concern if Bitcoin’s price does not meet this threshold. But, he says that Bitcoin may even rise to $61,000 today, which would allow investors to become bullish on this cryptocurrency. To support this, he pulls the Bitcoin chart from 2017 and compares it to the one for this year. When Bitcoin’s price value was small in 2017, its worth significantly rose to $20,000 between Nov. 25 and Dec. 18. Because of this, he calls Dec. 25 “the line in the sand,” meaning that investors are likely to see the price dip or fall for Bitcoin by that time.

Also, he pulls up the Ethereum chart from 2017 and says that it also went parabolic, just as Bitcoin did during that year. Afterward, he advises his followers on what crypto coins to buy in 2021. He says that UFO Gaming coins will rise in price value, making it very bullish for investors. He mentions that Polkadot Ecosystem, Mover, Moonriver, Vulcan Forged PYR, and many others will follow suit. 

How Can You Find Parabolic Coins Online?

To show his followers how to find parabolic coins online, Kale Abrahamson says they need to first navigate to the trading view on a cryptocurrency chart. Then, they would need to open the daily chart of the currency. Afterward, they need to open Stochastic RSI, an indicator telling investors analyses of the performance of a coin. However, he advises his followers to only analyze a coin currency using Stochastic RSI if the currency has at least a one billion dollar market cap. To see a visual of these charts, visit his YouTube video. Additionally, he recommends a few more altcoins performing well, including Polka City and PolkaBridge. 

Updates on Crypto Market

Bitcoin is currently worth roughly $47,400 since its crash in early December. It crashed lower than $46,000, with many investors speculating if it is wise to keep investing in the currency. Additionally, Ethereum is outperforming Bitcoin this month with a market cap of $454 billion despite its current price value of $3,800. 

Investors are still bullish on Bitcoin and Ethereum despite their performance this year. Others are also bullish on many other altcoins, including JOE, Polkadot, Altura, and much more. Lastly, many social media influencers, including a famous Twitter user named Pentosh1, are providing the latest on crypto.

Curious to learn about crypto coins with Kale Abrahamson? Visit his YouTube channel, The Kale Show, where he provides the latest on investing in crypto!

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