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Learning Crypto with Kale Abrahamson: Four Must-Know Tips

Many investors panic when selling their crypto coins, hoping to make the most gains. The reason is that the price of Bitcoin recently crashed to $46,000 during the weekend of December 7. As a result, there was a sharp increment in the Fear and Greed index by 16. Moreover, the news of the omicron virus spreading throughout the world has given investors more reason to sell their coins. Investors like Kale Abrahamson understand that a lot of money is invested in purchasing crypto to make large returns. Therefore it is important to know exactly how to successfully do so.

That being said, investors can successfully invest in crypto with Kale Abrahamson. As a cryptocurrency guru, he guides his followers through the latest trends in crypto. Here, Abrahamson has the five must-have tips for any beginner or experienced investor in cryptocurrency. 

Do Not Believe Everything Reported on the News

According to Abrahamson, first and foremost, one must not believe everything the media reports, including news stories that discuss the spread of the omicron virus. These reports claim that many people can die from this virus, thereby scaring many investors to sell off their crypto coins. But, as Abrahamson says, these investors are also beginning to feel worried about the outlook on crypto because of the recent announcement made by Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell of the federal reserve beginning the process of tapering. Abrahamson says that Powell will later announce that tapering will not occur.

Monitor the Prices of Currencies Using Online Charts

Investors can easily access the charts of currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, and all other coins. With a simple Google search, investors can navigate to these charts and analyze the price drops and rises of different coins. Moreover, buy signals, or indicators of when to buy a coin at the right time, are seen on these charts. By analyzing this data, online investors can educate themselves on which coins are performing well over other coins, giving them the opportunity to strategically earn the highest amount of returns on the market.

Be Open to Altcoins, Especially Ethereum

According to Abrahamson, because of Bitcoin’s massive price drop, Ethereum is outperforming Bitcoin this month. Additionally, as he goes on to say, it is also the most successful altcoin in the crypto market. However, Abrahamson says that it is not the only type of altcoin to consider investing in. With a massive portfolio of different cryptocurrencies, he shares his successful experience with investing in Polkadot, Altura, JOE, Ocean Protocol, and much more. In other words, he advises his followers to research and explore the possibilities of higher returns by expanding their portfolios.

Read What Pentoshi Says on Twitter

Abrahamson often praises the advice of other fellow cryptocurrency gurus, including Pentoshi, whose Twitter account is @Pentoshi1. Pentoshi has 400,000 followers and is the head of Merit Circle, which is, as it states in its bio, “a [decentralized autonomous organization] that develops opportunities to earn through play for people who want to help build the metaverse.” Pentoshi often posts about his insights into crypto investing.

Recent Updates on Crypto Market

Ethereum is still outperforming Bitcoin, but Ethereum is still down by roughly $3,800. However, many investors are still purchasing and selling these currencies. Additionally, Jerome Powell and other federal reserve members are currently meeting to discuss the possibility of government tapering in response to inflation. The meeting ends on December 15, and investors will be wary of what they discussed.

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