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I create awesome Crypto, Altcoin, Bitcoin, ETH content & videos. 

  • Just Kale, Who Hates Crypto

    @kale_abe Mar 31
    Yo @TwitterSupport can you please help me out - my other account got suspended for no reason and it’s been over a m… https://t.co/sjOAwOALoB
  • Just Kale, Who Hates Crypto

    @kale_abe Mar 31
    Pretty hilarious that the government is going after @coinbase but also USED Coinbase to dump their #BTC Get the h… https://t.co/NMbNU2Fi7x

Kale Abrahamson

Crypto Guru

Ground Rules

There will be zero editing. I will be obnoxious. I will never ask you to subscribe or hit the stupid bell. I may quit and retire at any time because I don’t need this.

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